Anat Cohen

Color and nature, it was always about and around it. Colors fascinate me, and all of my art creations, either painting, ceramics or glass flame work, are all about playing with colors and shapes. Memories of me creating art go far back to kindergarten, with drawings of large colorful birds decorated with flowers and tree leaves that I picked in the garden.

Three decades back, just after getting married, I built my home at the heart of the Galilee Mountains, north of Israel, among green, and sometimes brown, hills and valleys, flowerbeds and olive trees. My studio, which is on the upper floor, is quiet and peaceful.  An amazing view is visible from its windows. Here I spend countless enjoyable hours, creating with colors, inspired by nature, in my own magical art kingdom.

In 1991, with a master degree in Computer Science in hand, I started my career in the hi-tech world. In the 27 years since then I’ve climbed to high management roles in the industry, while simultaneously raising 4 kids. During all that time I’ve kept on creating.  Every weekend, early in the morning, when all of my family was still asleep I woke up and went to my studio in the upper floor, to refill my soul with some art work.

About a year ago, I decided to leave my hi-tech career behind, follow my heart and become a full time artist. 


Gilon, Israel

גילון, משגב

+972 54 3339688